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Some things you should know about working with Belay Wealth Advisory

1. It starts with a conversation

We want to get to know you, your family values, and how we can help.  All of our advice is specific to you and your values, attitudes, and goals.

2. We are worth your time

We are long-time advisors to your friends and colleagues.  By working with us, they're achieving their goals and having more fun doing it.

3. We understand

You're not alone with your thinking, and people you know are facing similar challenges. We can relate to your obstacles and ensure you overcome them. 

4. Our results are proven

We've delivered clear and sound advice for more than 30 years.  We are transparent about our results, consistent in achieving them, and able to provide evidence to demonstrate them.

5. We benefit from our own advice

Our financial and estate planning strategies offer protection through all life's unknowns and ever-changing circumstances.  We stand behind our approaches; we employ the advice and strategies that we recommend ourselves.

6. We work with your current advisors

We do not replace your current advisors.  Our role is to enhance your existing relationships and make them more productive and valuable.

7. We guarantee 100 per cent confidentiality


You’re unique… and so is our approach. We get to know your family values, attitudes, and goals, and then work together to get results that bring you peace of mind.

Peter Liden